Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lilly Brush review

Through my beauty blogging group I had the opportunity to review this awesome product! The Lilly Brush is "first aid" for your sweaters. What that means is, it removes the pills from sweaters. It even removes lint, pet fur, dust, static cling, and even muddy paw prints.

When I heard the claim about removing pet fur, I was sold.

Here is some info. straight from Lilly Brush:
"Lilly Brush quickly and easily removes 100% of pills on all natural fiber sweaters including cashmere, cotton, wool, angora, and many blends."

This is what the Lilly Brush looks like. I really love its convenient packaging. It can easily fit into your purse or in your suitcase if you needed to travel with it.

Here are some pics of clothes that I tried the Lilly Brush on:

Before: This is a Hollister sweater I have. It's really hard to see the pills in this picture because they're small.


Before: This is the pant leg of my boyfriend's scrubs. They were filled with lint so I wanted to give Lilly Brush a test run on something other than a sweater!

After: Lilly Brush passed the test!

I realize that in the before and after pictures above it's kind of hard to tell what the Lilly Brush can do. So this is a picture I took after using it on both the pants and the sweater and you can see how much the Lilly Brush took off both garments.

I really like this product because as the owner of a cat, I have to remove cat hair from quite a bit of clothing and the Lilly Brush really comes in handy!

From the information card pictured above, I read that The Lilly Brush can be easily cleaned with light soap and water. I really like knowing that if I wanted to or need to clean it then it wouldn't be a problem.

The Lilly Brush is available in two colors: Red, which I have here, and a Graphite Grey. It can be purchased from their website and it costs $12.95.

*This product was sent to me for review by Lilly Brush. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Awesome brush! haha I need something like this!