Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black and Yellow

The nails I'm showing you today are pretty badass.

Cult Nails Feel Me Up with Icing Shredded on top!

To achieve this look I used three coats of Feel Me Up with one coat of shredded on top. Feel Me Up is the perfect "buttercup yellow" and that's how the color got it's name! (Feel me up, buttercup...get it?! :p ) This polish is slightly jelly-like so that's why it need the 3 coats. I forgot to photograph Feel Me Up on it's own before I applied the glitter, but the color shown here is exactly what it looks like.
I found this polish last weekend at Icing when I went on a lunch/shopping trip with Steph from Imperfectly Painted. We like to do those once a month or so. I was SUPER excited when I saw this polish because up until now, I had only seen a black shredded glitter polish from some makers on Etsy (the name is escaping me right now). I almost passed this polish up, because I thought it was a shatter at first glance...I'm so glad I double checked!

Every time I would look down at my nails I would get this song stuck in my head:

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wet N Wild Megalast

Today I have swatches of three of the new Wet n Wild Megalast polishes that I received at my Beauty Blogger Meetup. These polishes are a new line from WnW that say "salon nail color" on the bottle. You'll notice the bottle shape of these are different than the fast dry line. Plus, they have a different brush than the fast dry line. The brush kind of mimics the brushes that the Sally Hansen Insta-dri polishes have. Many people either love or hate these brushes. I, for one, loved the brush on these WnW polishes!

These brushes are the exact shape of how my cuticles curve. Plus, even though I have small nail beds, they are kind of wide, so when I used these polishes I was only needing like one swipe (sometimes two) to cover my entire nail! It was so convenient.

Here is two coats of I Need a Refresh-Mint. This is a smooth creme polish and the color is that of the famous "Tiffany blue" color, which I love. This polish went on very nicely!

Here's I Need a Refresh-Mint with one coat of WnW Party of Five Glitters. For those that don't know, this glitter comprises of small silver, pink, red, blue, and green hex glitter. It's all in a clear base.

Through the Grapevine. Two smooth coats. This polish is a fuschia creme.

Party of Five Glitters on top of Through the Grapevine. I just love how this glitter topcoat spruces up any manicure.

Here is two coats of Wet Cement. This is a taupe brown creme that seems to have some purple to its base. I've seen this color be referred to as a "greige" (gray/beige) before. I love these types of colors on me. They really look good with my skin tone!

Wet Cement with Party of Five Glitters.

All in all, these three polishes went on very smooth. Dry time was moderate, not super fast, but not super slow. My favorites were Wet Cement and I Need a Refresh-Mint!!

Sometimes Wet n Wild polishes can be a little hard to come by, mainly their limited edition collections. But, I've seen these polishes at almost every Walgreens I've been to! They are also very nicely priced...usually at $1.99!

*These polishes were provided for me by Wet n Wild for review.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orly Prelude to a Kiss

The reason I bought this polish has a funny story:

During the Spring semester, in my Auditing class, there was a girl who sat in front of me and I would always notice her nails. One week she had on a really pretty light peach color and I wanted to ask her what polish it was so bad. Well, I didn't work up enough courage to ask her lol I didn't want to get a crazed look like "why are you staring at my nails during class?!"  lol

Anyways, I randomly mentioned it to my friend who sits next to me in that class and she saw the girls nails too! Thus, the search for that perfect peach began!

I thought maybe Essie A Crewed Interest would be a good fit, but then my cousin sent me a picture of her nails she did using Orly Prelude to a Kiss. I had to have it!

I went to Sally's one day and not only did I find Prelude to a Kiss, but it was on clearance for $3.99, wooo!

So here it is, the beautiful light peach that my friend and I lusted over!

This is two coats. In some lighting it looked like a light pink. But mostly it kept its soft peachy color. I just love it!

So, am I just a crazy nail stalker, or do you guys ever notice people's nails and then have to find out what they are wearing??
Sometimes I just don't ask because most people say things like "Oh, I don't remember" or they look at you like your stupid for asking the brand and the name of the polish.
Which reminds me, if you follow me on Instagram (prettylittlebottles), I reposted a hilarious picture from @yogabgaba that sums up that feeling:

hahhaha, so perfect!

Monday, May 28, 2012

No More Waity, Katie

Every time I would go into Ulta, I'd walk over to the Butter London display, pick up No More Waity, Katie, look at it for a minute, and then put it down and walk away. I'm sure many of you have done this with a polish before. You just can't come to the conclusion if you really need it or not.

For me, it was more of a "should I really spend $14 on this nail polish?" issue. Well, about a week or so ago, was having a friends and family sale where you could get 20% off on your entire purchase! Not only that, but they have free shipping on orders over $25. So I FINALLY decided to purchase No More Waity, Katie!! Yay!!

What I've always loved about this polish is that pretty lilac glitter!

This is three coats. It was a little hard to apply because I kept getting bald spots. Also, I really don't like butter london's brushes, they're a little too floppy for me, but this polish was worth it!! I love the awesome murky purple/gray base in this polish.

All in all, I'm super happy I finally bought this nail polish! Sometimes waiting so long to get something makes it even sweeter when it's finally yours!

What are some of your favorite Butter London polishes?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spreadin' the love Sundays!

I'm showin' love for my Aunt Jodie today! I actually call my Aunt Jodie, Nana. Weird, I know lol! It all started because she used a cane one week when her ankle was hurting her and it's been Nana ever since. You guys will soon realize that I have a nickname for everyone and anything haha!

Anyways, Nana loves nails and nail polish ALMOST as much as I do. And just recently I got her into nail art. One night when I was coming over for dinner she told me to bring my nail stuff so that I could give her "striped nails." Also around this time the Orlando Magic were still playing in the playoffs, so she decided she wanted Orlando Magic themed nails for good luck!

Here's what we came up with:

I started by painting her pinky and thumb nails with Milani Black Swift and the rest of her nails I painted OPI Blue my Mind. Then I used my silver, white, and black striping polishes to create the designs!

This pic is a little blurry, but it showcases each nail a little better.

Ever since I did her nails like this, she has really been into nail art! She wanted stripes and polka dots on another night, but I didn't bring any of my tools. I got the grand idea to try and use a toothpick and her nails turned out freaking terrible! LOL When it came to doing the polkadots...the toothpick created a really pointy blob on her nail. So we kept going on and on about how I gave her nipples on her nails. My family and I have very inappropriate senses of humor lol.

Anways, she sent me this picture of her nails the other day on Facebook:

OMG right?! I was so proud of her! I guess she went to Sally's and bought a striping brush and did these nails all by herself! They're beautiful. Looks like she'll be doing my nails now :)

I love when my family joins in on my obsession! Go Nana, keep doing that nail art!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cult Nails Nevermore

Today I'm going to show you the awesomeness that is Nevermore. Nevermore is one of Cult Nails' newer polishes. It is an opaque black creme that covers in...wait for it...ONE COAT. No, seriously, it really does. Not only that, but it's a kick ass polish to use for stamping!

Here's the manicure I did using Nevermore:

I took this picture after doing just one coat of Nevermore. It was completely opaque and shiny. On my ring finger I have two coats of Milani White on the Spot.

This picture shows Nevermore with two coats and it's what I used to stamp my ring finger. I ended up doing a second coat of Nevermore on each finger because there were a few patches that I needed to cover due to my own application mistakes. You could not see these patches in the photo I showed above with the one coat.

The stamping plate that I used for the zebra print is Bundle Monster BM-223. I received this plate at the May Central FL Beauty Blogger meetup! It worked very nicely. I just need to work on my stamping skills. This final result took me three tries because I just could not seem to place it right lol!

Fun Fact about Nevermore: Kari from Once Bitten helped name this polish! It comes from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. So clever!

So, if any of you are still on the hunt for that perfect black creme, your prayers have been answered!

*This stamping plate was provided for me by Bundle Monster for review.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Central FL Beauty Bloggers: May Meetup!

On Saturday, May 19th, I was able to attend another Central FL Beauty Blogger meetup! Just like the one I attended in March, it was beyond amazing. This time the event was held at Crave in Orlando near the Millenia Mall. We had 25 girls attend this one, our group just keeps growing! We had our own room at Crave and our waiters were very nice!

Here's a group photo of all of us!

Also like the last event, some very gracious sponsors sent all of us products to review! Here's all the stuff that we got in our "swag bags."

Sation (Miss Pro Nail) not only sent polishes, but they provided all of us with these nice reusable bags! We used these bags to put all of the other sponsors products in as well. Milani was also nice enough to send ANOTHER one of these cases full of products for every girl. Still in shock.

Here is what was inside of the Milani case. Eyeshadows, lipglosses/lipsticks, and nail polish galore!

The Cult Nails Fairy Tale collection was provided to every girl thanks to Maria! To see swatches, check out my post here.

Dadi' Oil sent some of their cuticle oil! I'm really looking forward to using this. The founder of this company is the man who formulated Solar Oil for CND!

Sation (Miss Professional Nail) provided two polishes for each person!


Chick Polish!

BC Spa provided more samples for everyone!

LA girl sent an assortment of polishes, I ended up with a Magnetic one!! Yay, I can't wait to see how it works!

We got crack in our swag bags! Crack hair fix that is :) I'm anxious to try this stuff, I hear it works wonders!

Del Sol sent some polishes!

LA Fresh provided these cool sample packs that include makeup removers, nail polish remover wipes, hand sanitizer wipes etc.

Southern Magnolia Minerals provided each person with an eyeshadow and some powder!

Bettina sent a nail file and polish! I have never tried this brand before so I was giddy about receiving this!

Wet n Wild sent an assortment of things eyeshadow palettes, nail polish, gel eyeliner, and a lip gloss!

Bundle Monster sent an assortment of plates and we all swapped around for which ones we wanted. I came home with four of the plates from their second set (which I don't own) so I'm super excited about that! They also sent a cute nail art wheel with some rhinestones and glitter.

Reviva Labs sent makeup primer, seaweed soap, mascara, and a vitamin E stick for lips and eyes!

WOW. I really can't get over all of the stuff that the companies provided for us. I am so freaking grateful. Thanks to all the girls that took the time to contact these companies and get our Central FL Beauty Blogger name out there :)

Here is the list of all the wonderful ladies who attended:


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Milani Madness Part 4 !

Here are the last polishes that I received from Milani!

Juno. Two coats. This is a nice light baby pink creme. It covered very nicely and Milani's brushes make for an easy application.

Key West. Two coats. This is a metallic/shimmery turquoise. It's a little hard to explain, but it's very pretty.

U Pinky Swear. Two coats. This is an opaque pink creme that is a little on the peachy side. It is a little lighter in real life. My camera was not cooperating with this color.

Mint Candy. Two coats. MC is an opaque turquoise creme that leans more green than blue. It also has some subtle turquoise shimmer to it. Side Note: I'm SO SORRY for my hands in this picture. This was the last color I swatched and I didn't notice how dry my skin had gotten. ew.

Chocolate Sprinkles. Two coats. CS is a metallic/shimmery brown with lots of pretty bronze and gold shimmer. The name of this polish is really cute and fits the color well, in my opinion! I don't think I've ever seen a color quite like this! And it's really pretty.

Here's a kind of blurred photo to show you the shimmer.

Dark Coffee. Two coats. This is an opaque dark brown. Like, dark dark brown..but not so much that its mistaken for black. It dried really shiny on its own and I loved the richness of the color.

Silver Stilettos. Two coats. SS is a super sparkly silver foil. I don't own another silver foil that is as shiny as this one! I really like it!

This pic is a little blurred to show how Silver Stilettos has some sparkle to it.

Last, but not least, Teddy Brown. Two coats. This is an opaque milk chocolate brown. You could even argue that this color is a little taupey.  My mom absolutely loved this color. She made me give her a pedicure with it!

After reviewing so many Milani polishes I can honestly say they have a quality product. From their brushes, to their formula, to their wear time.  Not to mention they are affordable and that is something that is huge in my book! These polishes are available for sale on Milani's website.

Thank you, again, to Milani for being such a huge supporter of the Central FL Beauty Bloggers and for providing us with all of your awesome cosmetics!

*These products were provided for me by Milani Cosmetics for review.