Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OMG NailStrips nail foil strips review

Back in December I was contacted by someone at OMG NailStrips to ask if I'd review some of their products. I had never heard of the company before so I did some searching online and decided I'd give them a try! OMG NailStrips offers a wide variety of nail foil strips and real nail polish strips.  Today I am going to review one of their nail foil strips.

On the website this nail foil strip pack is the "zig zag silver and black" design.

I apologize for the quality of these photos. I had to take them without the flash because the flash was causing a glare and then you weren't able to see the design in the pictures.

These strips were easy to apply. After I stuck them in the position that I wanted them on my nail I cut the excess off and then filed the rest off in a downward motion to get it exactly at my nail's end. The directions for application state to apply heat and then smooth out the nail foils once they're on. I couldn't tell a difference in the application after I applied the heat, so I personally would skip this step next time I used the nail foils.

I planned on wearing these strips for as long as I could to test their wear, unfortunately only after a few hours they started to peel up. In those few hours I went about house work as I normally would (cooking, dish washing, etc). These strips did not hold up during those chores. Here's some photos to show how they looked:

Once they were peeled up like that I had to remove them because they were driving me crazy.
All in all, I loved the design of these nail foil strips, but I would not use them again unless I had a special occasion where I'd only be wearing them for a night. I just feel like they aren't for everyday use.

OMG NailStrips retail for about $4.29 per pack and they are available for purchase at

Here's a short summary of what I found using the OMG NailStrips nail foil strips:

-Strips come big enough for toenails
-cute design choices for all occasions
-removes easily with nail polish remover
-very affordable price point

-not enough small size strips for my nails
-it's slightly inconvenient to use heat
-only lasted a few hours

I still have the real nail polish strips to review and I'm hoping to have that review up by next week at the latest...I'm excited to see how they compare to these nail foil strips!

*These products were sent to me for review by OMG NailStrips. All opinions are my own.