Monday, April 30, 2012

Striping fun!

Now that finals are over, I actually have time to play around with nail art and try new things! Here is a fun manicure that I did the other night:

TADA! I'm so proud of them lol

After I did them I realized they could be worn to a UCF game because its all UCF colors! Go Knights!

Here's what I used: Avon matte in Black as night as my base, Sally Hansen Jewel Overcoat in White Veil, and striper polishes in white and gold! I accidentally included my black striper polish in this picture even though I didn't use it for this mani. :P

This was a really fun mani to do and I enjoyed sporting it lol! I'm like obsessed with playing with the striper polishes now so expect more striped nail art in the future!!

What kind of nail art are you guys loving lately?!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Toxic Seaweed!

I finally used my Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed the other day!

This is two coats.  Toxic Seaweed is a beautiful teal/dark green jelly with copper flakes and lots of glitter!

So gorgeous.  These nails distracted me because I would stare at them while I was trying to study for finals lol!

This one was taken in the shade.

Toxic Seaweed was a Limited Edition color by Cult Nails that came out with their "Let's Get Nekkid" Collection and is now unfortunately sold out :(
If you missed out, don't worry because Maria is always coming out with amazing colors, so I'm sure there will be something just as great in the future :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turning a loser into a winner!

So, Sunday night I was on my way home from dinner with my boyfriend and  I decided to stop in Walgreens to see if they had anything new. I was excited to see that they had the new Revlon display out and then I was even more excited to see this beautiful aqua jelly polish. I scooped it right up and didn't buy any of the others.

Revlon Sheer Seafoam. Doesn't it seem amazing?!

While watching Mad Men that night I decided to try it! WELL, it was a complete flop of a color. Just look at what I mean:

This is one coat of Sheer Seafoam. Can you see anything besides my gross staining?! Yea, me either! Now, I know jellies are supposed to be sheer, but this went on legit CLEAR.

So, I kept trying...I was determined to get the color of what it looked like in the bottle. Well, this is three coats...still nothing even close to what a jelly should look like lol.

Having been super disappointed that this color didn't turn out as pretty as I had imagined it would be, I decided to turn this mani into some kind of layering experiment!

So I grabbed Revlon Just Tinted in Desire and Icing After Party!

Here are my final results:

Pretty awesome right?! This is my first time doing a "jelly sandwich." For those of you that dont know, it's when you layer a sheer polish (jelly) with glitter, to make it look like the glitter is sandwiched between the layers of polish.

To achieve this look I did sooo many layers of polish lol EIGHT to be exact. Here are the layers in order:

3 coats of Sheer Seafoam
1 coat of After Party
1 coat of Sheer Seafoam
1 coat of Desire
1 coat of After Party
1 coat of Desire

This manicure would have taken days to dry even with a nice quick dry top coat, so shortly after these pictures were taken I had fun peeling it all off in sheets lol.

Damn you Sheer Seafoam for looking so beautiful in the bottle!

I contemplated whether I should take it back after I did that first coat and then I just decided it'd be fun to keep to try different layering experiments or maybe franken with. Revlon could have had such a huge win with this polish had it been more pigmented and buildable. Oh well!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Milani Madness Part 2!

For this second part of my Milani Madness I'm going to show you some of Milani's High Speed Fast Dry polishes! These polishes are highly pigmented and are supposed to be one coaters.  Had my application on some of these been a little more careful, then they defnitely could have been!

I received all of these polishes in my milani bag that I posted about here.  There were three more that I received in the bag that were high speed fast dries, but I felt that they were a little redundant to post about. The other three consist of a red creme named Rapid Cherry, a black creme named Black Swift, and a white creme named White on the Spot.

This is Yellow Whiz. It took three coats.  Yellows are always a little finicky so I wasn't surprised when I needed three coats.

This color is very bright and in your face! Not like a neon yellow, but as a nice primary yellow. I really like it...I want to wear it again in the summer when I'm going to the beach or something!

This is Hot Pink Frenzy. two coats!

I thought this color went with my skin tone so nicely! I usually like to save pinks for my toes, but I enjoyed this one on my fingers a lot!

Jiffy Orange, two coats! What a great orange!

I am not a big orange fan and I REALLY liked this color. It's so saturated and rich.

This is Violet Dash in one perfect coat!! Using only one coat of polish makes me so excited lol! I'm loving purples this spring.

Excuse that little speck on my ring finger...I dont know where that came from lol.

Fast Fuchsia. Two coats!

From my pictures, you may be thinking that this one looks really close to Hot Pink Frenzy, but its just my stupid lighting. The only similarity is that they're both pinks lol. This one is lighter and more of a hot pink. While Hot Pink Frenzy is more of a bright berry pink.

I love looking at all of these polishes together. They're so bright and cheerful!  I loved the opaque-ness of them and they really did dry pretty fast! In all of these pictures I did not use a top coat, so you can see that they also dry nice and shiny!

*These products were provided for me by Milani Cosmetics for review.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spreadin' the love Sundays!

Today's love goes to my new kitty, Marvin :)

So I did a kitty inspired manicure!

I started with three coats of Hot Ticket Dodge a Bullet. It's a really cool dark grey with silver/blue/pink shimmer. It kind of reminds me of SpaRitual Sacred Ground. I chose this as the base because its a nice dark grey like Marvin's fur!

Here's the final mani! For the accent nail I stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and used Bundle Monster Plate BM04. I topped the rest of the nails with the new Sally Hansen Jewel Overcoat in Multi-Faceted.

The new jewel overcoats are awesome. I love this one espcially because it not only has that cool opaque black glitter, it also has some cool opaly blue glitter!

Here's a better look at the cool pieces of glitter in Multi-Faceted! (sorry for the dry cuticles)

Here's the baby himself <3

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blue Sparrow

Here is another China Glaze that I bought at Sally's with the buy 2, get 1 sale going on! It lasts the whole month of April, so if you haven't yet, get down there!!

China Glaze Blue Sparrow. This is three coats. It's a neon so it dries really fast, but application can be a little tricky.

I LOVED the sparkle in this polish. It's so pretty. Plus, blue polish is one of my all time favorite colors to wear :)

What are some of your favorite blue polishes to wear?!

P.s. My finals for school are over next week, so hopefully after that I can post everyday and start doing some fun nail art to show you guys!! Bear with me until then lol

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My new baby!!!

I really quick just had to post about my new baby! My baby kitty that is :)

Let me first say, I had no intention of getting another cat for a long time after Ebony passed away. My mom and I already have another cat and we were just content with only have one for a while.

Welllll, that all changed (for me, at least lol) on Saturday when I made the "mistake" of going into Petco to see the kitties that they had up for adoption. There I saw the most handsome and sweet Russian Blue, who was about a year old. His name was Deacon. When I went over to pet him, he completely threw himself at me and starting purring and rolling around. He was such a doll!

So, for the rest of the day I couldn't get him out of my mind and then it turned into me still thinking about him days later. So with the permission of my mom I set up to get him, and I picked him up tonight!!! I never really liked the name Deacon for him, so I changed it to Marvin :)

I am so in love with him! I've never had a cat be so sweet and loving!

Baby Marvin <3

ahh, so cute I can't stand it.

Any other cat lovers out there?!

Cult Nails Divas and Drama Launch Party!

Some super fun things have been happening lately....first I was invited to the Pucker Suite event that I posted about yesterday....then I was invited by Maria to the Cult Nails divas and drama launch party that took place on Tuesday!! It was so fabulous. It took place at a Melting Pot that is actually about 10 minutes from my house so that was a plus too!

This was the small table that was set up right when I walked into the event room. How freakin' cute?! I can't get over how awesome the decorations and setups were! I took one of those cookies home and I STILL have not eaten it because it's just too pretty lol...its sitting in my fridge so I see it every time I open it.

Here's the cake, AMAZING.

These little wax molds were placed randomly around all the tables. So adorable.

These little goodie bags were at every seat <3

Scandalous was inside!! :)

Here's the beautiful Maria giving her speech talking about how she can't believe how far Cult Nails has come. She is so inspiring to me.

The event was so fun and I just loved meeting all the girls that attended and I also enjoyed seeing the girls that I already knew. I look forward to seeing Cult Nails grow even bigger as time goes on! If you haven't yet, join the Cult! Here's the Cult Nails website and facebook page.

Monday I recieved my order from their $5 sale that they did the week before. I ordered more of their top and base coat and Baker. Of course, I had to wear a Cult polish to the event so I went with Baker because I was excited to try it.

Here is two coats of Baker.

I really love this and it goes really nicely with my skin tone!

And here is Scandalous! This is three coats.

This is the prettiest jelly/creamy orange! It's kind of hard to describe because it's finish is so unique. Every time I look at my nails I think they look like little creamsicles.

I just want to thank Maria again for inviting me and putting together such a beautiful, fun event. Go Cult Nails <3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Pucker Suite!

This past Sunday I was invited to an awesome event called "The Pucker Suite." It was hosted by Allison LaCour and Mimi Foxx, the two fabulous ladies who started Artisan Beauty. Artisan Beauty is their new cosmetics company that specializes in custom lipsticks and glosses. They can create literally ANY color you want and/or a color that you love that is discontinued. Once you've made your custom color you can name it! Also, they keep the recipe that was used for your color, so that if you ever run out, they can make the exact one again! Plus, they will host a "Pucker Party" where you and your friends get together and each create your own lipstick! How awesome is that?!

For ordering and pricing information for the lipsticks/glosses and pucker parties, please visit their facebook page here. They will have a website in the near future, but as they described, it is getting a "makeover" right now ;)

So Sunday, Allison and Mimi were kind enough to host one of these pucker parties for the beauty bloggers of Central Florida! I attended and got to create my very own lipstick. It was so amazing to watch the process on how they create these products.

Here are some pics to recap the day:

Mimi on the left and Allison on the right

Mimi mixing up Toni's dream shade of purple. This was in the beginning stages.

It's almost just right...

Here's the final product! Toni from ToniizBeauty and her new, beautiful purple lipstick!

Mimi finishing up the pretty gloss that Eugenia from Geniabeme wanted to create. It was so sparkly!

We also had the option to add any flavor/scent we wanted and/or sunscreen & lip plumper!

Here is Lo'Real from Make Me Up in HD and her gorgeous bright orange lipstick that she created!

Tada! Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity took this of me after I tried on my new gloss that I created!

And here it is! My creation! I decided to call it "Pretty Little Pink" :) When Mimi mixed mine I told her I wanted a natural pink, I think she did perfect in creating what I had in mind. I added the pink champagne scent to mine which smells so delicious, plus I added sunscreen!

It was such a fun event and I feel so lucky to have been included. Thank you so much to Allison and Mimi for giving us this opportunity.

If any of you guys are interested head over to their facebook page! I feel like every girl should get the opportunity to create their very own lipstick and/or lipgloss!