Monday, June 4, 2012

Bandeau & Top Thong

I am super excited about this post today, for so many reasons. First of all, the polishes are both equally amazing...and then when they are put together, the mix is just'll see. Second of all, I am proud of the "artsy" bottle shots I took!!

Here are the two polishes I'm showing you today: Venique Top Thong and Urban Outfitters Bandeau!!

These pretty rocks are the "front yard" at the vacation house I'm staying at! I thought they made for a cool backgroud.

Here is Bandeau on it's own! I just love this purple so much. It dried to a matte/satin finish, as you can see. This color is a blue/purple, but it leans more purple. It is also kind of neon-like. I only needed two coats to reach full opacity.

Now for the beauty of Bandeau mixed with Top Thong:
ahhhh, so amazinggg! Like, I really can't get over it.

Venique Top Thong is opal bar glitter in a clear base along with opal-y square microglitter. People, you need this glitter topcoat! Pictured here is one coat of Top Thong over Bandeau.

I bought Bandeau recently at Urban Outfitters and I bought Top Thong recently also in a small beauty supply store in the Millenia Mall in Orlando; the store was called Blooming Beauty.  I'm not sure where else Venique polishes are sold, unfortunately. But, I have seen them featured on other blogs, so it may be easy to locate where to find some!

Man, I hope you guys are freaking out over this combo like I was...I was sad to take it off!!


  1. Wow! Both look amazing and the look awesome together! I really like Bandeau!