Saturday, June 2, 2012

LA Girl Magnetics!

So, I thought the house I was staying at on vacation wouldn't have wifi, but turns out that it does!!! :)

I was lucky enough to receive this polish in my "swag bag" at my last beauty blogger event! Magnetic polishes are huge right now, they are like the "new" shatter polish. At first, only a few companies had these types of polishes and they were pretty expensive. I kind of thought I'd never be able to use them because I wasn't up to paying $15 for one polish. LUCKILY, now it seems everyone is making them and at very reasonable prices!

Before the meetup, I actually didn't know that LA Girl had their own line of magnetics, so I was very excited to try this one!

With these polishes, the magnetic detaches from the cap, which is convenient. The only thing it's missing, that I wished the magnet had, is the little part that sticks out that lets you rest against your cuticle. It helps get the magnet more stabilized when you're putting it next to your nail.

The name of this one is Magnetic Force and it's a dark turquoise/blue magnetic polish:

Here's my final result! Some of the effects aren't placed in the exact center, but that doesn't bother me. I still think the effects in general look awesome!!

The way I applied this: I did two normal coats of polish, like I would with any type of nail polish. After I let that dry a little bit, I went nail by nail and painted one thick coat and put the magnet as close as I could to the nail without touching the wet polish...I held it there for 30 seconds.

For those that don't know, you must use the special magnet that the polish comes with, or another magnet from another magnetic polish. You can't use any old magnet though, like one from the fridge for example.

Here's my favorite nail. The effect came out so nice and strong on this one!

This LA Girl polish applied nicely with no issues and I felt the magnet worked well. I only have three other magnetic nail polishes, so I'm not hugely experienced with these types of polishes. However, I feel like I have enough experience to give this one an A!

Whenever I wear magnetic polish I can't stop staring at my nails!! They almost look 3-D!! This magnetic nail polish trend is one I can definitely hang with!

These polishes can be purchased from the LA Girl website and they are priced at $6 each!
Thank you LA Girl for sending the Central FL Beauty Bloggers these great polishes!

Do you guys like magnetic polish? Or, have you never used it before?

*This product was provided for me by LA Girl USA for review.


  1. They really do look 3-D! Haha so awesome. This color is gorgeous!

    1. It is! I haven't seen a magnetic polish in this type of color before.

  2. I used magnetic nail polish once, and I loved it. I seemed to lose my magnets thought, I wish I bought one with the magnet on the cap like this one.

    1. Aw, that stinks! Quite a few brands have them attached to the caps, hopefully you can find some :) !

  3. I love it that design I got to learn