Friday, June 8, 2012

Sation (Miss Professional Nail)

Sation is a brand that up until recently, I'd never heard of. Then I saw the polishes start popping up on the blogs. Sation, owned by Miss Professional Nail, is going through a re-branding period so it seems they are doing their best to market better and get their name out there! Sation provided the Central FL Beauty Bloggers two polishes each, as well as a reusable tote for our meetup bags!

The two I received were Off the Record Pink and You Butter Tell Me

Off the Record Pink is a sheer light baby pink. I liked that this polish was versatile. I could use one coat (shown here) as a base for a french manicure or it becomes nice and opaque in three coats pictured below.
See how after three coats it almost looks like a creme? I was very pleased with this polish!

Here is You Butter Tell Me. This polish is a neon yellow. This was five coats. Yes, five. BUT each coat dried super fast and it really wasn't a hassle at all. Having said that though, next time I'll probably layer it over white, just so I'm not having to go around with five coats of polish on my nails! This is a fun summer yellow, I want to wear it on the beach!

These nail polishes had nice formulas and good brushes. On their website they have a wide selection of colors and they are all priced at $5, which I think is very fair! I will probably be purchasing from them in the future to try more colors!

Big Thanks to Sation for supporting the Central FL Beauty Bloggers!

*These products were provided for me by Sation (Miss Professional Nail) for review.

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  1. Oooh I love all three of these! Haha I'm glad even though Butter Tell Me required 5 coats, it wasn't a hassle! :D