Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avon Suede nail enamel in Touch of Taupe

You guys remember my mini Avon haul post?? Well, I finally swatched that Avon suede nail polish and I gotta admit, it's a stunner!

Here is Avon Suede nail enamel in Touch of Taupe:

For those that don't know what the "suede" finish means, it's basically a matte nail polish. Usually, with suede polishes, though, there is gorgeous silver shimmer. You can see what I mean in these pictures. This polish covered in two perfect coats!

Here is Touch of Taupe with a shiny top coat:

I REALLY love how this polish looks both matte and with top coat. Sometimes, suede and matte polishes can be annoying application wise, but this polish honestly glided on. The Avon suede collection includes this polish and five others. You can check out the full collection here. They are currently on sales for only $3.49 each. If you are interested in purchasing them, I have an Avon website and the direct link to these polishes is here.
So far, I only own this polish from the collection, but I'm honestly going to have to get a couple more of these, if not all of them! lol I have an addiction people!


  1. Ooh pretty! I've been thinking about getting more suede polishes. I only have 2 from Orly, but at this price with Avon it's such a great deal! Expect a purchase from me through your link in the near future! :D

    1. I'm glad you like them! Yea, Avon gets me with their sales all the time lol!