Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enticing with Avon nail glitter tips!

The other day I was helping Maria, of Cult Nails, roll polish "burritos." While we were rolling I couldn't help but stare at her nails. They were so pretty! She had Cult Nails Enticing with a coat of Cult Nails Doppleganger and then iridescent glitter on her tips. If you follow her on instagram (cultnails) then I'm sure you saw her picture of them.

Well since I couldn't get these nails out of my mind, I knew I had to attempt them myself. Plus, I had just received my Avon purchase that consisted of the new glitters (see post below).

So, here is my version of Maria's nails:

I used three coats of Enticing and then let it completely dry. Then I put top coat where I wanted the glitter to stick and then just dunked my nail in the glitter container.

These nails are so feminine and pretty; I just feel like a ballerina, fairy princess (too much?) with this combo on my nails.

It's a lot sparklier in person, if you've got some glitter and a color like Enticing handy I suggest trying these nails if you enjoy soft looks like this!!

Here is what the Avon nail glitter looks like and the container it comes in. This one is simply named Iridescent.

Here is a picture I posted on Instagram after I finished these nails. That was the glitter aftermath and the only way it can be described is a "beauitful mess"
The Avon nail glitter retails for $3.99 and can be purchased from my Avon website. You can find Enticing on the Cult Nails website and it retails for $10.


  1. Love the glitter! Oh man lol. Glitter always finds itself everywhere when ever I have a spill!

  2. Oh! very nice! Going to have to check out some Avon products now!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please see

    1. Aw, thanks for the award! That's very flattering! :)