Friday, September 21, 2012

Cult Nails Quench with gold leaf

Here's another one I found that I had not posted yet! You can tell it's obviously old because my nails are short and square. If you follow me on instagram (prettylittlebottles) then this will probably look familiar to you since I posted it there right after I did them!
I used Cult Nails Quench and the gold flakes that Cult Nails sells for this mani. Quench was opaque in two coats.

I added top coat to each nail and then took the gold leaf and placed it on my ring finger the way I liked. After I kind of patted in the flakes to make sure they all stuck, I added another coat of top coat over the flakes.
*This photo is courtesy of the Cult Nails website. All photo credit is theirs.*
Here is what the flakes look like. They are loose and they come in lots of different sizes, some of the flakes are large, while others are very tiny.

I really loved how this turned out, I need to do something like this again, but maybe with a royal blue or something!
The gold flakes are available on the Cult Nails website and they retail for $5 each. Quench retails for $10.


  1. Ooh I saw these flakies on their website and was curious what they looked like on the nail!! Thanks for featuring this, they look great!!

  2. I remember this! Absolutely love the added gold flakes! :D

  3. Sooo pretty! The red is very lovely at her own but together with the gold flakes it is stunning.

    Autumn greetings, Renata

  4. This design is so fun and cute, I love it! I'm glad I found your blog, deff giving me some design inspiration girl! Have a great day!


    1. I'm glad you found me too! I just looked at your blog also, it's freaking amazing!