Friday, September 14, 2012

OPI Pink of Hearts 2012

This past Monday I went to Ulta after my class to hunt for this new set by OPI. I was very disappointed when I couldn't find it! I was just about to say "Oh well" when I decided I'd ask a sales clerk just for the heck of it. I really didn't expect them to even know what I was talking about, because that's happened to me in the past, but the sweet girl I happened to ask said, "Oh, the new one with the pretty glitter?!" I was like "yes that one!" She smiled wide and said, "Do you want it really badly?" I then smiled and said, "yes please!" She said, "Ok, they're in the back still boxed up, give me a sec and I'll get it for you!" Oh my god, I wanted to hug this girl! I love when sales clerks are super helpful and sweet like that! So, thanks to her, I brought home these two pretties!
The OPI Pink of Hearts set for 2012 consists of a pink glitter with fuschia hex glitter (You Glitter be Good to me) and a pink creme (I Think in Pink). I bought it for $14.95 at Ulta!
For this mani, I did 3 coats of I Think in Pink on each nail and then I did an accent nail with one coat of You Glitter be good to Me on my ring finger.
I Think in Pink is a semi-sheer polish. I woudn't call it a jelly, but it did have a sheer-er consistency. It's really a beautiful pink polish! I mainly bought this set only for the glitter, but then I was pleasantly surprised about how much I loved the creme as well!

I love how the caps have the breast cancer ribbons on them! It's great that OPI has a breast cancer awareness set each year, this is the first year I have bought one!
What do you guys think about this set?


  1. Very pretty!!! That glitter is so fun, and I love the caps on these too!

  2. So pretty loving this glitter

  3. This was so pretty, I went out looking for it today and found it at Ulta. I would have passed it up if it wasn't for your post and I now love it so much, I put the glitter on tonight!! I think the pink will be a nice base for stamping (when my stamper arrives...). Glad you found this and shared!!!

    1. Oh, yay! I'm glad you were able to find it! :)

  4. Beautiful! Aww that was so nice of her to do that! :D Those kinds of people just make my day!