Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stamping Tutorial video for Rochelle!

Rochelle if you're out there, I made a stamping tutorial video for you :)

If any of you ever want to see a how-to on something please email me or comment somewhere! Even if you just have an idea for some nail art, let me know. I love getting suggestions!

I hope all of you like this video and, Rochelle, I hope it's helpful :) !


  1. Wow!!! Thank you so much for the video!! I am going to watch that a few times. My stamp from Amazon is ordered and I cannot wait to start using it. The information you provided was great, I've now added a few things to pick up, the WW black creme polish, pointy Q-tips...and I had no idea about being careful with the first coat of top coat. That is going to be so helpful. I really appreciate the time you took to make the video for me, huge thank you!!!

    1. Oh, yay! I'm so glad you got to see it, I was worried you may not see this post! You're very welcome, I enjoyed making it! :) :)

  2. I already told you I really liked this hehe. I can't wait to see more! :D