Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Whew, I didn't really mean to be gone that long (well, actually I didn't want to stop posting at all), BUT I got super busy with a lot of things plus school so that left no time to do my nails, let alone take pics of them.

Anyways! I'm back and I'm so glad I am :)

I bought this polish about a week ago and it was kind of an impulse buy, but I'm really glad I bought it.

This is three coats of Nicole by OPI It's All About the Glam. It was released with all of the other Kardashian Kolors.  I probably could have gotten away with two coats of this, but for some reason I felt the need for a third on this one.  My pictures don't really do this color justice, there is a lot of really pretty shimmer that I couldn't really capture. In the sun I could see glints of pink and blue in this polish, but in regular light it mostly just looks like silver shimmer.

As you can see, I had to chop my nails off. My middle nail and thumb nail all broke in the same week so I just decided to start fresh lol!

I also wanted to post a picture of my cat, Ebony, that passed away today. She was going to be 18 this year and she had just been really sick and frail so we made the hard decision to have her put down. We first got her when I was almost 5 years old and so it's really weird to know that she will not be physically here anymore. Even though today was a sad day, I feel so happy and relieved that I know she is resting peacefully now. <3

So, I just wanted to post one of my favorite pics of her because when I took it, it was just an accident that she happened to stick her tongue out :)

Love you Ebby<3

Once I get back into the swing of things I'll have more exciting posts :)