Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYX Hot Green

Here's another polish I got at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup! I just realized that I forgot to include it when I was taking pictures of all the products I received...oops! Anyways, I wanted to post this one because it's a perfect color for St. Patrick's Day! Now, I must admit, I hardly EVER wear green nail polish. I know, some of you are probably gasping right now. I always think they're so pretty in the bottle, but when it's on my nails, I usually can't wait to take it off. I just think most greens look really bad on me for some reason.

This nail polish on the other hand, I didn't hate. It could be because maybe it has some blue in its base? I'm not sure.

This is two coats of NYX Hot Green. I loved the way it applied. It wasn't streaky or patchy at all and it kind of had a jelly finish, which I really like. Plus, it dried really fast in between coats! The website for NYX Cosmetics is here. I tried to see if this was available on the site, but I couldn't find it. It may be new and not available yet, I'm not sure though.

I loved that it was such a primary green...not too blue..not too yellow! I only swatched this and didn't wear it as a full manicure...but I think I am definitely going to. We'll see if I can break this not liking greens habit! :)

*These products were provided for me by NYX Cosmetics for review.

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