Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spreadin' the love Sundays!

Ok everyone, I had the idea that every Sunday I am going to do a post about someone I love! It'll either be a friend of mine or a family member, and I am going to somehow relate it to nail polish! Like maybe I'll post a color that reminds me of them or a design!

For my first Spreadin' the love Sunday I decided to write about my cousin that  I mentioned yesterday, Brynn. She is two years older than me and we are super close! We are oddly alike in the way we act and think. When we're together we get on everyone's nerves because we are super obnoxious, but I love it <3

Anyways, Brynn has been obsessed with the color "mustard yellow" for awhile now and yesterday she mentioned an AWESOME nail idea. She said she wanted to paint all of her nails gray except for her ring fingers and then paint her ring fingers mustard yellow! So after we were done laying by the pool we went to Sally's to hunt for the perfect yellow. We found Nina Ultra Pro Like Butta! It was perfect.

Now, not only do these nails feature Brynn's fav color at the moment, they incorporate one of her fav nail polishes! Zoya Dove! As far as nails go, these are beyond perfect at representing what reminds me of Brynn!

Here are her nails:

Another plus to these nails are that they match her favorite pair of Toms :)

We both used two coats of Dove and three coats of Like Butta. Like Butta wasn't too streaky, but it wasn't surprising that we need three coats because yellows are usually finicky like that. I also adore the name of this polish because of the reference to Saturday Night Live.

I hope all of you like this new feature I'll be doing, I'm really excited about it!
And of course, thanks Bree for the amazing nail idea, Love you <3 !


  1. I never would have thought to pair gray and mustard but it is such a lovely combination!

  2. I never would have either if my cousin didn't mention it!! :P