Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection!

This past Saturday I attended another wonderful Central FL Beauty Blogger event (which I'll post about later on) and Maria, of Cult Nails, was nice enough to provide us all with the entire Fairy Tale Collection!! I actually helped her put these together the night before and she let me take mine home early!!

I was so excited I couldn't stand it because I really loved the pics I saw of this collection and the polishes are even prettier in person....wanna see what I mean??

Here is the adorable little bags that she gave us the polishes in! Maria is really big on presentation and I love that.

The Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection L to R: Happy Ending, Charming, Princess, Feelin' Froggy, and Evil Queen

Two coats of Feelin' Froggy. Maria describes this as a kelly green with metallic green shimmer. I found that it was slightly on the sheer-er side, but I got this nice opacity in two coats. Depending on how you apply your polish, you may have to do three coats.

As I've admitted before, I'm not a huge green fan, but I can totally hang with this green! The shimmer really does it for me and it seems to have some blue undertones in it, which makes this green a winner for me!

Here is one coat of Happy Ending over Feelin' Froggy. Happy Ending is an amazing multi-colored shredded flake glitter in a clear base. The colors in this glitter top coat are kind of pastel-like. It's really unique and it pairs so well with every color in this collection!
Sorry about the glare in these pics with Happy Ending...for some reason the light was not playing well with my camera.

Three coats of Charming. This is a sheer purple with metallic purple shimmer. You can actually layer this color over other things, but it also builds really nicely on it's own. I really liked this color because it seemed to have a pretty glow to it.

One coat of Happy Ending over Charming. This is the manicure I wore to the meetup!

(Charming is not color accurate in this photo, the photo above is what it really looks like)

Here's a picture of my mani and a ring I won in a little giveaway that Cristina from Let Them Have Polish did. It's a nail polish ring that she made herself! I love that it matched my nails! Thanks again Cristina :)

Two coats of Evil Queen. This is my unexpected favorite of the collection! This is a gorgeous red creme with some slightly pink undertones to it. This color just oozes sex appeal! And isn't the name perfect?!

Happy Ending over Evil Queen. I loved Happy Ending over Evil Queen the best. It was so festive.

Two coats of Princess. This is a pretty sky blue (slightly dusty with some gray in it) that has some subtle copper shimmer in it! The shimmer didn't want to show in any of the pictures I took, but if you look really closely at the bottle you can see it a tiny bit. It's in there I promise! This one was my second favorite of the collection. I'm just a sucker for blue polish.

Princess with one coat of Happy Ending.

The Fairy Tale Collection will be available for presale on the Cult Nails website starting Saturday, May 26th and will run til Saturday, June 2nd. When ordering during presale you order the collection as a whole for a reduced price of $40 (so it's like getting one polish free).  The collection will become available for sale for individual colors starting June 15th and each color becomes the normal price of $10 per polish. Check out Maria's blog post to see additional photos/information.

Thank you so much Maria for providing us all with the whole collection!

*This product was provided for me by Cult Nails for review.


  1. This collection doesn't do much for me. I love the color inaccurate picture of Charming, though. I wish it were part of the collection, lol!

    1. Aw, yea, I took that picture with my phone and for some reason it made it darker. Sorry! :/

  2. Wow how awesome! I love the colors. My favorite is definitely Charming :D

    1. I love them all too. They look great as a whole collection!