Thursday, May 3, 2012

Target Beauty Bag

My Target Beauty Bag arrived last Friday!!! The way I received this was by liking them on Facebook and then from the link they provided I signed up to receive one! I'm not sure if it's still going on, but it's worth a minute of your time to go try!

Here's the box it came in!

The bag itself...

Take a peek inside and see all the goodies!

A sample pack of the new Simple facial wipes

Sample of the new(?) Loreal primer

A sample of some Neutrogena cleanser

Pantene sample

ANDD finally a sample of some Nivea Lotion!

Such a cute bag and nice little goodies! It also came with some Target coupons for cosmetic items such as $2 off Revlon cosmetics (which I already used on a lip butter lol) and a $1 off the Nivea lotion (which I think my mom already used) !

I really think its nice that Target does this every year! I'm excited that I got one and I can't wait to use the samples :)


  1. had the perfect manicure for that bag!

    1. Thank you! lol I didn't even notice that :P !