Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spreadin' the love Sundays!

I'm showin' love for my Aunt Jodie today! I actually call my Aunt Jodie, Nana. Weird, I know lol! It all started because she used a cane one week when her ankle was hurting her and it's been Nana ever since. You guys will soon realize that I have a nickname for everyone and anything haha!

Anyways, Nana loves nails and nail polish ALMOST as much as I do. And just recently I got her into nail art. One night when I was coming over for dinner she told me to bring my nail stuff so that I could give her "striped nails." Also around this time the Orlando Magic were still playing in the playoffs, so she decided she wanted Orlando Magic themed nails for good luck!

Here's what we came up with:

I started by painting her pinky and thumb nails with Milani Black Swift and the rest of her nails I painted OPI Blue my Mind. Then I used my silver, white, and black striping polishes to create the designs!

This pic is a little blurry, but it showcases each nail a little better.

Ever since I did her nails like this, she has really been into nail art! She wanted stripes and polka dots on another night, but I didn't bring any of my tools. I got the grand idea to try and use a toothpick and her nails turned out freaking terrible! LOL When it came to doing the polkadots...the toothpick created a really pointy blob on her nail. So we kept going on and on about how I gave her nipples on her nails. My family and I have very inappropriate senses of humor lol.

Anways, she sent me this picture of her nails the other day on Facebook:

OMG right?! I was so proud of her! I guess she went to Sally's and bought a striping brush and did these nails all by herself! They're beautiful. Looks like she'll be doing my nails now :)

I love when my family joins in on my obsession! Go Nana, keep doing that nail art!!


  1. Oh sugar!!! I couldn't love you any more if I tried!!!! You inspired me but I have a long way to go!!!! I love you...Nana

    1. Love you too Nan! <3 and be quiet, you just sent me another nail pic and they're perfect!!

  2. Aw how awesome! I love the mani yo gave her and I love what she did herself! So cool! :D