Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cult Nails Divas and Drama Launch Party!

Some super fun things have been happening lately....first I was invited to the Pucker Suite event that I posted about yesterday....then I was invited by Maria to the Cult Nails divas and drama launch party that took place on Tuesday!! It was so fabulous. It took place at a Melting Pot that is actually about 10 minutes from my house so that was a plus too!

This was the small table that was set up right when I walked into the event room. How freakin' cute?! I can't get over how awesome the decorations and setups were! I took one of those cookies home and I STILL have not eaten it because it's just too pretty lol...its sitting in my fridge so I see it every time I open it.

Here's the cake, AMAZING.

These little wax molds were placed randomly around all the tables. So adorable.

These little goodie bags were at every seat <3

Scandalous was inside!! :)

Here's the beautiful Maria giving her speech talking about how she can't believe how far Cult Nails has come. She is so inspiring to me.

The event was so fun and I just loved meeting all the girls that attended and I also enjoyed seeing the girls that I already knew. I look forward to seeing Cult Nails grow even bigger as time goes on! If you haven't yet, join the Cult! Here's the Cult Nails website and facebook page.

Monday I recieved my order from their $5 sale that they did the week before. I ordered more of their top and base coat and Baker. Of course, I had to wear a Cult polish to the event so I went with Baker because I was excited to try it.

Here is two coats of Baker.

I really love this and it goes really nicely with my skin tone!

And here is Scandalous! This is three coats.

This is the prettiest jelly/creamy orange! It's kind of hard to describe because it's finish is so unique. Every time I look at my nails I think they look like little creamsicles.

I just want to thank Maria again for inviting me and putting together such a beautiful, fun event. Go Cult Nails <3


  1. I absolutely adore the orange on you!

  2. I want Scandalous badly! I love Maria...she really is cool that you got to go!

    1. I think it's a must have! I love it's uniqueness.

  3. Looks so awesome! I'm glad it was such a great time!

    1. Thank you :) I wish all the Central FL BB's could have been there!

  4. Baker did look great on you too. It was fun and those huge diamonds as accents on the table....That was awesome!!

    1. They were! I'm glad we got to hang out together while we were there, so fun!