Monday, April 23, 2012

Milani Madness Part 2!

For this second part of my Milani Madness I'm going to show you some of Milani's High Speed Fast Dry polishes! These polishes are highly pigmented and are supposed to be one coaters.  Had my application on some of these been a little more careful, then they defnitely could have been!

I received all of these polishes in my milani bag that I posted about here.  There were three more that I received in the bag that were high speed fast dries, but I felt that they were a little redundant to post about. The other three consist of a red creme named Rapid Cherry, a black creme named Black Swift, and a white creme named White on the Spot.

This is Yellow Whiz. It took three coats.  Yellows are always a little finicky so I wasn't surprised when I needed three coats.

This color is very bright and in your face! Not like a neon yellow, but as a nice primary yellow. I really like it...I want to wear it again in the summer when I'm going to the beach or something!

This is Hot Pink Frenzy. two coats!

I thought this color went with my skin tone so nicely! I usually like to save pinks for my toes, but I enjoyed this one on my fingers a lot!

Jiffy Orange, two coats! What a great orange!

I am not a big orange fan and I REALLY liked this color. It's so saturated and rich.

This is Violet Dash in one perfect coat!! Using only one coat of polish makes me so excited lol! I'm loving purples this spring.

Excuse that little speck on my ring finger...I dont know where that came from lol.

Fast Fuchsia. Two coats!

From my pictures, you may be thinking that this one looks really close to Hot Pink Frenzy, but its just my stupid lighting. The only similarity is that they're both pinks lol. This one is lighter and more of a hot pink. While Hot Pink Frenzy is more of a bright berry pink.

I love looking at all of these polishes together. They're so bright and cheerful!  I loved the opaque-ness of them and they really did dry pretty fast! In all of these pictures I did not use a top coat, so you can see that they also dry nice and shiny!

*These products were provided for me by Milani Cosmetics for review.


  1. There are several colors in this collection that I wouldn't think I'd like. But, Milani dressed them up nice and I love all the shades. Your nails look great too! :)

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I agree, I wouldn't normally buy these because they seem like ones I already have. But they're really great colors and I'm happy to have them!