Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turning a loser into a winner!

So, Sunday night I was on my way home from dinner with my boyfriend and  I decided to stop in Walgreens to see if they had anything new. I was excited to see that they had the new Revlon display out and then I was even more excited to see this beautiful aqua jelly polish. I scooped it right up and didn't buy any of the others.

Revlon Sheer Seafoam. Doesn't it seem amazing?!

While watching Mad Men that night I decided to try it! WELL, it was a complete flop of a color. Just look at what I mean:

This is one coat of Sheer Seafoam. Can you see anything besides my gross staining?! Yea, me either! Now, I know jellies are supposed to be sheer, but this went on legit CLEAR.

So, I kept trying...I was determined to get the color of what it looked like in the bottle. Well, this is three coats...still nothing even close to what a jelly should look like lol.

Having been super disappointed that this color didn't turn out as pretty as I had imagined it would be, I decided to turn this mani into some kind of layering experiment!

So I grabbed Revlon Just Tinted in Desire and Icing After Party!

Here are my final results:

Pretty awesome right?! This is my first time doing a "jelly sandwich." For those of you that dont know, it's when you layer a sheer polish (jelly) with glitter, to make it look like the glitter is sandwiched between the layers of polish.

To achieve this look I did sooo many layers of polish lol EIGHT to be exact. Here are the layers in order:

3 coats of Sheer Seafoam
1 coat of After Party
1 coat of Sheer Seafoam
1 coat of Desire
1 coat of After Party
1 coat of Desire

This manicure would have taken days to dry even with a nice quick dry top coat, so shortly after these pictures were taken I had fun peeling it all off in sheets lol.

Damn you Sheer Seafoam for looking so beautiful in the bottle!

I contemplated whether I should take it back after I did that first coat and then I just decided it'd be fun to keep to try different layering experiments or maybe franken with. Revlon could have had such a huge win with this polish had it been more pigmented and buildable. Oh well!

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