Monday, April 30, 2012

Striping fun!

Now that finals are over, I actually have time to play around with nail art and try new things! Here is a fun manicure that I did the other night:

TADA! I'm so proud of them lol

After I did them I realized they could be worn to a UCF game because its all UCF colors! Go Knights!

Here's what I used: Avon matte in Black as night as my base, Sally Hansen Jewel Overcoat in White Veil, and striper polishes in white and gold! I accidentally included my black striper polish in this picture even though I didn't use it for this mani. :P

This was a really fun mani to do and I enjoyed sporting it lol! I'm like obsessed with playing with the striper polishes now so expect more striped nail art in the future!!

What kind of nail art are you guys loving lately?!


  1. Great mani!
    I've always loved cheetah print nails, but since my nails have grown longer, I've been getting into french tip manicures and different designs with that.

    1. Thanks :) ! Playing around with french manicures are fun! I love trying it with different colors. And cheetah print is ALWAYS one of my favorites :)