Tuesday, July 24, 2012

80's Earrings nail art #1

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! This past weekend I went through and cleaned out my closets and I came across a box of old earrings that my Mom used to wear in the 80's. One of my first thoughts as I was looking through them was, "Oh my god, these would be awesome nail art inspiration!"

So, I picked out all the pairs that spoke to me and now I'll be featuring the nail art inspired by them here on my blog over the next few weeks! Fun right?!

This is the first pair that kind of "spoke" to me. I loved that they were triangle!

I started by using two coats of Others Pale by Kim-parison as my base.

To make the triangles I used my striping tape that I bought off ebay.

Then I painted one coat of Orly Glitz over the tape and removed the tape before the polish dried.

I continued to do that on all of my nails, one by one.

To complete the look of these nails I used my striping brush and painted some irregular ovals in the middle, just like the earrings have.

These were so fun to do and I can't wait to continue to show you guys the other earrings and nail art!! Judging by the ones I picked out from the box, my Mom was quite the fashionista!


  1. This is awesome! I love the inspiration!

  2. I love this. I did an earring inspired manicure but it doesn't even compare to this one. Nice work!

    1. Are you serious? I just looked at your blog and your nail art is amazing!