Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Avon Matte polishes

I hesitated about posting these polishes for Avon Week because they are, unfortunately, no longer being carried by Avon at the moment. I'm sure they will make a comeback in the future, because Avon seems to do that with their products, but for now they aren't being sold :/  I've seen them pop up randomly in the outlet books though, so it might be hit or miss!

Anyways, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to post them anyways because they are too pretty to not be featured!

Avon Matte in Violetta. This is a beauitful deep purple matte polish. It goes on fairly smoothly with only miminal dragging if you mess with it too much (which I seem to always do lol). It was opaque in almost one coat, but I ended up doing two.

The magic in Violetta truly comes out when you add a shiny topcoat. After you do this, you can see that Violetta has purple and subtle red shimmer. It's gorgeous!

Avon Matte in Red Velvet. This is a deep red that just screams fall. Same formula as Violetta and same number of coats.

(please excuse the small bubble on my middle finger, I globbed on my topcoat hastily and it caused this)

Again, adding a shiny topcoat really makes this one a stunner. All of the gold shimmer that is packed in this polish really shines after adding topcoat.

I REALLY love these Matte polishes that Avon came out with last fall. I'm so hoping they come out with other Matte colors this fall! I also have a plain black and plain gray matte polish from Avon, but Red Velvet and Violetta are the clear winners in this collection.

I absolutely love a Matte polish that looks great being matte, but is even prettier shiny. It makes for a great versatile polish.

What do you all think about Matte polishes, in general? Love or hate?


  1. These are really pretty colors!
    I've never tried any matte polishes, they seem really interesting though. (:

  2. I love the purple. It's pretty!