Friday, July 6, 2012

From Blue to Blissful!

Yesterday was not a very good day for me. I woke up to head to the Vet's office to pick up some vitamins that Marvin is taking, and my car wouldn't no clicking from the engine or anything. So I had to go through the whole calling of triple A, waiting for them to arrive, and then finally going to the car repair shop to, ultimately, get a new car battery.

Once it was all said and done, I was thankful it wasn't anything that major...hey, I can handle a new car battery, its just something that we all have to do once in a while. But, I had been stressed about other things that happened at the beginning of the the car thing was just like the cherry on top of the sundae lol!

ANYWAYS, the reason I'm blabbing about all this is because when my mom got home that evening, she had a little surprise to cheer me up!! What is it you ask? Two beauitful blue revlon polishes...and oddly enough, I didn't already own them.

So here is some pretty nail art I did using my two new babies.

The light blue on my thumb, index, middle finger, and top-half of my ring finger is Revlon Coastal Surf. The rest of my ring finger and my pinky is painted with Revlon Indigo Night.

The rhinestones I used to accent my ring finger are some square multi-colored rhinestones that I ordered from Cult Nails. They come in lots of colors (shown below) and they were only $3!

*This picture was taken from the Cult Nails website

The moral of these nails is that my mom rocks and she really knows how to brighten my day! :)


  1. So pretty. Good thing everything worked out with your car and I love when my mom surprises me with a little present :)

  2. Aw I'm glad your mom was able to brighten your day with these pretty blue polishes! I love the added rhinestones! :D