Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cult Nails Coco's Untamed Collection!

Today I have swatches of Cult Nails' brand new collection. It's Coco's Untamed collection and it releases tomorrow!

Here's a little background info. before the pretty swatches:
Coco is Maria's youngest daughter and she often helps create colors for Cult Nails. Maria told Coco to pick her 5 favorites and they made it into a collection! Coco and her best friend also got to name all the colors in this collection and the coolest part is that tomorrow is Coco's 13th birthday and so that's why it launches tomorrow, awesome right?!

Also, you'll notice my nails are now rounded. I decided it was time for a change and I actually really like them this way...I just want them to be a little longer.

Without further ado:

L to R: I Got Distracted, Untamed, Annalicious, Deal With It, Spontaneous

Spontaneous. Covered in two coats. This is a dusty purple creme with purple glitter. I just love colors like this because even though the glitter doesn't completely pop, its such a beautiful compliment to the color and the finish of the polish.

Annalicious. Two coats. A gorgeous red that has orange undertones and is packed full of red and gold shimmer. This color was named after Coco's best friend, how sweet is that? I loved this color so much on my newly rounded nails, they felt sexy with this color on!

Deal With It. Two coats. An in your face lime green loaded with gold shimmer. Lime green is Coco's favorite color, so of course it had to make it's way into the collection. This is one of my favorites out of the five!

I Got Distracted. Fully opaque in two coats. A black jelly slammed full of holo and green glitter. Such an amazing polish. The name of this is so perfect because while I had this on I couldn't stop staring at my nails and kept getting distracted! Coco is famous for saying "I Got Distracted" all the time, so in a way, this polish was named after her.

Blurred pic to show all of the pretty holo glitter.

Untamed. Three coats. This is a bubble gum pink jelly with multi-colored shimmer. The shimmer is very suble but gives the color that extra little oomf. This one is my #1 favorite of the collection. It's such a cute pink and I feel like a barbie when I'm wearing it.

As I mentioned above, this collection will become available starting tomorrow, July 11th on the Cult Nails website. It will then be offered for a week (until July 17th) at a discounted "pre-sale" price which will be set at $40 for all five colors. Then on July 18th the colors will be available for individual sale and resume their normal price of $10 each. Please visit Maria's blog to see her swatches and more about the collection!

*These products were provided for me by Cult Nails for review.


  1. Ooh how fun! These colors are amazing! I really like I Got Distracted haha. That name is awesome :D

  2. Those colours look lovely! I like the shape of your nails like that as well :))

  3. I love Deal With It, probably because it seems very close to Sinful Colors Happy Ending.

  4. Deal With It looks awesome on you.