Friday, July 20, 2012

Avon Cosmic Blue and Lagoon

I have some really pretty, shimmery blues to show you today!

First up:

Cosmic Blue! This is a dark cobalt blue with lots of dark blue shimmer. It was a little on the sheer side, so I needed three coats for full opacity. Cosmic Blue came out with the new Nailwear Pro+ polishes.

Here is Lagoon. This is a beautiful ice blue loaded with ice blue shimmer. In my opinion, Lagoon isn't anything special in the bottle, but on the! Like Cosmic Blue this one was on the sheer side, so three coats were needed as well.

You'll notice that this is a mini bottle. As I mentioned above, I didn't think Lagoon would be all that great so I only ordered the mini version. Now I am kicking myself for not buying a full sized bottle! It's cool that Avon offers the mini sizes, because if you're unsure about a polish it's nice to be able to give it a sort of "test run."

Here's a better shot of the bottle so that you can see the size of it.

After swatching Lagoon, I decided to wear it as a full manicure. After I painted all my nails, I decided to spruce it up a bit with Hot Ticket Disco Ball! I love how the silver glitter looks with the icy blue.

This is a pic out of the light so you can see the pieces of glitter better.

If you are interested in purchasing Cosmic Blue, Lagoon, and/or checking out the other Nailwear Pro+ colors that Avon has to offer, please check out my online Avon Shop by clicking here or clicking the tab at the top of my page!
At full price the full size bottles cost $6, but Avon is currently running a 2 for $6.99 sale!
The mini Nailwear Pros are only a $1.99, but not every color is offered in the mini size.

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