Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Avon Aqua Fantasy

A quick post and some simple nail art for you guys tonight! I'm super tired from spending my evening at Chuck E Cheese. That's correct, I said Chuck E Cheese. LOL! A close family friend of mine had his 52nd birthday today, and his friend decided to throw him a surprise party at Chuck E Cheese with a few close friends.
I had never been when I was little so I have to admit, I was super excited right off the bat. I am definitely a little kid at heart. Did I play the games, you ask? You bet your sweet ass I did! I mostly played Ski Ball and my mom whooped me at Air Hockey haha! One of the close friends that attended had a ten year old son and so all of the tickets everyone won tonight went to him. He got over 700 tickets to cash in at the end and it was so fun to see him so excited.
It has definitely been a great night and it also reminded me that you're never too old to do anything, no matter how silly it may seem!
Anyways! Onto the nails...
I started with one coat of Orly Dazzle and then waited for it to fully dry. Then I placed a piece of striping tape down the side of my nail and painted on a semi-thick coat of Avon Aqua Fantasy and removed the tape.

Aqua Fantasy is one of those blues that can be grouped in with the "Tiffany" blue polishes, like China Glaze For Audrey, etc. The thing that makes this polish slightly unique is that it had a pretty silver sheen to it. Not in a frosty sort of way, I would describe it as a pearly finish. It's super pretty!
I hope everyone has had as fun of a night as I have! See you in my next post :)


  1. Wooo Chuck E Cheese! lol that's awesome. Love your mani!!

    1. It was seriously so fun ahha I acted like a 7 year old!

  2. hey, found your blog through Cristina's! Lucky lady you are that you met Maria of Cult Nails!!! I looked at your little corner here and I love it!! you've got a new follower =)))

    1. Thanks, that is so nice of you!! Yea, Maria and I live in the same town..she's awesome, I love hanging out with her!