Friday, August 17, 2012

A First Look at The New Cult Nails Deceptive Top Coat Collection!

*I have edited the title of this post, since at the time it was posted the collection didn't have a definite name yet. The title now includes the name of the collection. The contents of the post are still the same.
I am so incredibly excited to show you guys a first look at the new Cult Nails collection that is coming out sometime in September!! Currently, the collection doesn't have an official name, Maria said she is still undecided on what to call it. This collection contains 5 layering polishes, or "toppers," that you can use to transform any creme polish into something spectacular! Each polish contains so much gorgeous, kind of complex, shimmer that it was kind of hard to capture each of these on camera. Please take my word for it that these all look wayyy prettier in person than they do in my pictures!

L to R: Doppleganger, Deception, Charlatan, Two Timer, Alter Ego

*I have swatched all of these over Cult Nails Nevermore, which is a plain black creme*

Thumb to Pinky: Doppleganger, Deception, Charlatan, Two Timer, Alter Ego

Here are some close-ups of each nail:

Doppleganger: This is a white jelly packed with green, purple, and copper shimmer. This color is so complex, I really don't even know if my description does it justice! And my pictures for sure don't because the shimmer is best seen with the naked eye.

Deception: this polish is so packed with purple and pink shimmer that when layered over a creme it gives off a beautiful purple sheen. Although, suble, it's really pretty and elegant looking!

Charlatan: This one is truly the winner of the collection. It has chunky multi chrome shimmer that flashes blue, purple, and pink. It's freaking AMAZING!!! Literally, this polish is a must have.

Two Timer: This one is loaded with green shimmer, so when layered it gives an awesome green sheen!

Alter Ego: this one is full of copper shimmer and when layered the effect is subtle, but it gives a lovely golden/coppery look!

As of right now, I don't have an actual date that this collection will be released. It should be sometime in September! The second I know the details of the collection, like the pricing and the date it will be released, I will definitely post about it here on my blog! Meanwhile, keep a look out on the Cult Nail's blog for Maria's swatches of the collection and the Cult Nail's Facebook Page for any information that Maria might post!

*These polishes were given to me by Cult Nails for review